Improving Electrical Safety

Commonly Misunderstood Electrical Problems In The Home

As a homeowner, you probably know what it takes to swap out an outlet, you may have installed a light fixture, and you may have even successfully done some troubleshooting with a problematic breaker box. Yet, electricity is probably still one of the most misunderstood inner workings in a home. The truth is, a lot of homeowners have some pretty big misunderstandings about electricity and how it powers their home. So you can better understand how important it is to hire a professional for electrical repairs, take a look at some of the biggest misunderstood electrical problems in a structure. 

A single problematic outlet is oftentimes far more serious than it appears. 

Electric outlets do indeed go bad and need to replaced every so often. However, just because the outlet stops working, it is not always as simple as pulling it out and installing a replacement. Sometimes, a bad outlet can be a sign that there are far bigger problems, especially if an outlet goes bad on more than one occasion in a short time frame. A bad outlet can mean the wires inside are not properly grounded, there is a fault in the current delivery regulation in the wiring, and several other major problems. 

A flickering light is not always a wiring problem. 

The lights flicker and the first thing you suspect, of course, is that there is something wrong with the wiring. Either the wiring is too old or maybe you have a rodent up there chewing on wires. This is a perfectly normal conclusion to jump to, but it is not always the right conclusion to draw. Flickering lights can actually signal other problems, such as issues with an outdated electric panel that is overloaded on one breaker. 

An issue with high power bills does not always mean electrical problems. 

Your home is efficient, you use as little energy at home as possible, but still, you see major power bills. This doesn't always point to an immediate issue with the home's electrical setup, even though this is often the first assumption. If you have consistently high power bills, an electrician can give you a general rundown of what the problems could be. But most often, the culprits will be things like high-energy-consuming appliances, outdated fixtures, and sheer high-volume electricity use. It is actually pretty rare for wiring problems to be the cause of high energy consumption in the home. 

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