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Renting Versus Owning A Boom - The Pros And Cons Of Boom Truck Rentals

Boom lifts are a necessity for most construction sites and other work sites. The boom lifts are used grant access to hard to reach areas on the project site. There are two different boom lifts that are used: telescopic and articulating. The telescopic boom lift works just like the name implies—it extends straight out like a telescope. It can reach areas that have limited points of access, such as roofs. The articulating boom also reaches difficult places, but they don't extend straight up like the telescopic. They can move from side to side, though, which is something the telescopic can't do.

If you require a boom lift for your site but don't want to commit to buying, you should consider renting one. This guide goes over the benefits of renting versus buying a boom lift.


Cost: Of course, the biggest pro for renting versus buying anything is the cost. Rentals are usually a lot cheaper than purchasing the boom lift outright. Even long-term rentals can prove to be cheaper overall than spending thousands of dollars to own the equipment.

Convenience: The convenience of being able to rent a boom lift for a short or long period of time is highly beneficial. Most sites may only require the use of a boom lift for a day or so, which would make buying one impractical and expensive. You can write up a contract with the rental company and determine how long you require the boom lift. They will deliver it to your site which is also very convenient.


Availability: Depending on the area you live in, there may not be a lot of companies that have boom lifts to rent. Even the ones who do may not have a large selection since it is first come, first served. The price of renting one in areas with limited selection may cost more than other areas due to the company being able to charge a higher rate since customers have no other choice for boom lift rentals. It may be worth it to shop around and get quotes.

Expenses: If you don't have a dedicated person to run the boom lift, you will have to train them or hire a temporary worker to do it. This may get expensive. If the project runs long or the company you use is far away and charges for delivery, this can also add up fast. Overall, the expenses are still typically better than owning one but they are still costly.

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