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How To Get The Lighting You Want In The Main Rooms In Your House

If your home doesn't feel that cozy, the issue may be the lights in your house. Reevaluating the lighting plan can help you make smarter lighting decisions for all the important rooms in your house.

Layer The Lights Upward In Your Living Room

The first thing you are going to want to do to create the best lighting situation in your living room is to layer the lights upwards. You want the light in the room to bounce off the ceiling. This will help avoid shadows in your living room and will make your living room feel brighter.

Upward lights can be achieved through the use of cove or valance lights on the walls of your living room. These types of lights will help cast light upward. If you have built-in storage fixtures, add task lights to these areas to highlight the special space.

Make sure that you have lots of outlets in the room so you can use lots of side table lamps and lights in the room. These types of lights will also cast upward light in your living room.

You can add some canned lights overhead as well; however, these should be more for mood setting in the evening than as a primary source of light.

Focus On Task Lights in Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, you are going to want to use as much natural light as possible. Look at your kitchen plan and see if you can add any more natural light into the space. If possible, add in windows or skylights to the space to add in extra natural light.

Under your counters, add task lights. This will help you do work at your counters, and enable you to better see what you are doing, such as cutting up food.

Add lights over the island and counters. You can add hanging lights that add to the style of the room while also adding light to your work areas. Finally, feel free to add recessed lights for the extra light you need on days when you are not getting a lot of natural light.

Avoid Shadows in The Bathroom

In the bathroom, you want to minimize shadows, so avoid lots of overhead lights. Instead, add lights above your mirrors or on both sides of your mirrors. Make sure that the lights are spread out evenly as to not cast shadows.

If you need extra light in your bathroom, add wall-mounted lights that will cast upward in your room instead of downward; this will help you control the shadows in the room and ensure that you can see yourself properly in the mirror.

In your living room, choose lights that reflect upward to create a bigger feeling of space. In the kitchen, focus on adding task lights to the room that will allow you to get work done. Finally, in the bathroom, avoid creating shadows with your lights. Contact companies like Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc to start planning your own lighting projects.