Improving Electrical Safety

Five Signs You Need To Have Your Home Re-Wired

Like most home components, wiring does not last forever. You do not want to overlook signs that your wiring needs to be replaced, as this could lead to a fire, electrical shock, or smoke accumulation in your home. Read on to discover five signs it's time to call the electrician about new wiring.

Scorch Marks

If you see any indications of soot or scorch marks around your outlets or light switches, this means there have been sparks coming out of the outlets at some point, which indicates your wiring may be failing. There is a chance that only the affected outlet needs to be replaced, but if your wiring is more than 40 years old, you may need entirely new wiring.

Warm Outlets

Feel your outlets from time to time while something is plugged in. They should not be getting warm. If they do feel warm or even hot to the touch, this is a sign that you need to have your wiring looked over.

Constantly Tripping Circuits

If you overload a certain circuit, it is going to trip because that is its job. However, if you are certain your circuit is not overloaded and it seems to keep tripping anyways, this may indicate that you need new wiring. If you have not added any new appliances to a circuit and it suddenly starts tripping whereas it did not do this in the past, then this is worrisome.

Mysterious Smoke

Is there smoke or a smoky smell coming from somewhere, though you cannot tell exactly where? Maybe the smoke seems to be coming from behind the baseboard or above the ceiling. Your wiring may be smoking. Turn off the electricity to your home, and do not use it again until you've had it looked over by an electrician. 

Flickering Lights

If only one light is flickering, try changing the bulb to see if that helps. If multiple lights in your home start flickering and changing the bulbs does not work, faulty wiring might be to blame. Lights that seem dimmer than normal, even though you are using bulbs with the same wattage, can also indicate a problem with your wiring.

If you have even the smallest suspicion that something is amiss with your wiring, call an electrician company, like Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. If you wait, you may have to make two calls: one to the local fire station and a second one to the electrician.