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Utility Bills Too High? Learn To Manage Your Energy During The Night Better

If your utility bills seem higher than normal, control how you use your electricity during the night. Some of the things you do each night can gradually increase your energy bills, including charging your phones and using night lights. Learn how to manage your home's energy usage during the night below.

Unplug Your Electronics at Night

If you tend to charge your cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices all night long, stop doing so now. Although these seemingly insignificant appliances and electronics don't use as much energy as your refrigerator or microwave, they can still steal small amounts of energy from your home's electricity.

Depending on their size and capabilities, computers and other electronics can use between 15 to 250 Watts or more an hour in electricity. If you charge or use multiple devices during the night, the amount can increase even more.

Unless you really need to charge your devices at night, try to wait until the morning or next day to do so. If possible, use your car to charge your phones and tablets. Some individuals use docking stations or wireless hubs to simultaneously charge multiple devices. The equipment is compact and discreet enough to fit on a computer desk or table.

If you still see higher utility bills, take additional steps to manage your home energy usage.

Implement a Home Energy Management Program

Electronics and other devices aren't the only things that can increase your home's energy bills. Leaving electric tools, lawn equipment, and other items on during the night can also cause problems for you. Deep freezers, fryers, and even alarm clocks can also steal or increase your energy over time. You can have more control over your home's energy usage by setting up a home energy management program. An electrician can help you do so.

An electrician will generally inspect your home's electrical system for issues prior to the setup. The inspection can help detect problems that could increase your energy expenses as well as make your home unsafe. For example, bad wiring can potentially increase your energy usage by creating power fluctuations in the house. Sometimes, high-energy appliances like ovens can increase your bills. You can take the opportunity to repair the issues before implementing your energy management program.

If you need immediate help with managing your energy usage or lowering your bills, contact an electrician for a detailed analysis of your home.