Improving Electrical Safety

4 Electrical Safety Tips For Industrial Facilities

The electrical system in your industrial facility is one of the most important systems in the entire building; however, it's equally important for you to understand that this system also presents some dangers. Your ability to use the system the right way can help you minimize and avoid these risks. Make certain you know what safety measures you need to take to keep the entire crew safe.

Create Warning Signs

One of the more frightening things about electrical systems is that dangers are most often hidden. It's not easy to only look at a wire or connection and estimate just how dangerous it is. Always display warning signs to ensure your employees can recognize any potential dangers. If necessary, it might be helpful to post the warning sign along with a locking mechanism to prevent employees from gaining access to the connection or system.

Maintain a Detailed Maintenance Record

It's also helpful to maintain a detailed maintenance record. An essential part of minimizing dangers is keeping your systems in proper working order. When your electrical systems are not properly maintained, this will create a severe safety hazard. To help with the maintenance, create a record to include the type of service you had performed, as well as the date. A detailed record will not only help boost safety, but in the event of a malfunction, access to this information will make it a lot easier for an electrical professional pinpoint the source of the problem.

Set up Safety Training

Consider setting up a safety training program for your entire team. The training should include general electrical safety issues, such as understanding where the emergency shutoff switch is located, as well as more technical training such as understanding how to de-energize your electrical equipment. To assist with this training, it might be helpful to partner with an electrician to help you determine what points to include in your safety training.

Regularly Inspect Equipment

Make it a point to inspect your equipment regularly. As part of the inspection, look at the condition of the wires to see if there is any fraying or if the insulating cover over the wires is exposed. Next, look for any signs of discoloration around the connection, such as a darkened area. As a general rule, perform a quick inspection daily and more detailed inspections, based on how often you use the equipment, such as once a week.

Make certain you keep safety an important part of your operation. For any maintenance related issues, ensure you're relying on a professional to maintain a safe facility. Contact a service, like RDS Electric, to get started.