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Four Essential Air Duct Maintenance Practices

An efficient air duct system is necessary for home comfort; the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioner) won't fulfill its function of heating and cooling your house if the air ducts can't circulate the conditioned air. That is why air duct maintenance is vital for a comfortable home temperature. Here are some of the maintenance practices your air duct may require:

Cleaning the Ducts

Not everyone is of the opinion that air ducts should be regularly cleaned. However, experts agree that there are circumstances under which air ducts should definitely be cleaned; here are some of these conditions:

The cleaning is best handled by a professional; novices can easily cause damage to the duct lines.

Insulating the Ducts

Routine air duct maintenance should also take care of the insulation. The insulation is there to ensure that heat doesn't escape from the air flowing through the ducts, which would interfere with energy efficiency. Unfortunately, accidents or regular wear and tear can damage the insulation and cause energy inefficiency. That is why the ducts need to be inspected and all areas with damaged insulation fixed.

Repairing Disconnections

Disconnections on the air ducts are even worse than damaged insulation. This is because the disconnections let conditioned air to escape instead of reaching their targeted rooms. The disconnections may also introduce unconditioned air into the supply ducts and mess up your home's comfort. Lastly, rodents or insects can use the disconnections to get into your air ducts. In most cases, these air leaks are found in the duct joints so those are the places the technician will concentrate on.

Clearing Out Blockages

Lastly, you should also service your air ducts to get rid of blockages that may be interfering with airflow. Common sources of obstructions include duct insulation that has gotten loose, internal damage to the ducts, storage items or even toys left by kids. These obstructions will limit the volume of air flowing through the ducts and make your HVAC behave as if it is undersized for your house.

When was the last time you had your HVAC professionally serviced? If it has been a long time (or if you can't even recall the day), then you know the system is long overdue for maintenance. For more information, contact companies like Plisko Service Solutions.