Improving Electrical Safety

The Practical Perks Of Whole House Automation

Have you thought of automating your whole house? If you haven't, then you don't know what you are missing out on. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you deploy a whole house automation system:

Reduced Energy Usage

One of the premier advantages of whole house automation is reduced energy consumption. Consider a house where the lights, security system, fridge, and music system, among others, are all connected and can be controlled automatically and remotely. In such a house, you can switch off your lights from your office desk if you forgot to do so before leaving the house. Or you can program the heating system to start heating the house at dusk (when you are coming home). All these mean that your appliances will not be drawing electricity when you don't need their services.

Improved Safety and Security

Whole house automation can also afford you great safety and security. For example, you can automate the security lights to come on at specific times of the day whether you are there or not, or you can switch on the lights remotely. Alternatively, you can switch lights in different rooms on and off whether or not you are in the room. When leaving your basement, for example, you don't have to switch off the basement lights while you are still there; you can wait until you reach the bedroom to do so. Then there are also surveillance video systems that you can monitor remotely, motion sensors, leak detectors, and smoke detectors that can all get connected to your whole house automation system.

Greater Comfort and Convenience

In addition to reduced energy usage and improved security, whole house automation can also afford you great comfort and convenience. Think about being able to switch lights on and off without leaving the couch or even without being in the home. Then there is also the issue of entertainment systems that allow you to stream music from different sources to multiple speakers in different rooms. Preprogramming or remote control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can also help you create precise temperatures for your home in different weather conditions or even start cooling or heating the home before getting there. All these will translate into improved comfort and convenience for your household.

Now you know how much you can gain from whole house automation. Talk to an electrician today for more information on what whole house automation can do for you, and the various options available today.