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3 Money-Saving Electrical Strategies For Your Commercial Building

If forking over a large sum of money for electrical services each month has become normal operating procedure for your business, it is time to evaluate your electrical system. An energy-efficient building will save you a significant amount of money over time.

Reducing operating expenses can increase profit, so implementing some energy-saving electrical strategies in your day-to-day operations will allow your business to become more profitable.

1. Schedule Regular Energy Audits

The first step in addressing high electrical costs is determining where excess electrical energy is being lost. This can be accomplished through an energy audit. A commercial electrician can comb through your building's electrical system to identify any upgrades that can help increase efficiency.

An energy audit can also identify appliances and electrical components that are using more electricity than they should. Replacing these elements can reduce your overall energy use and cut electrical costs.

2. Install LED Bulbs

Another simple power-saving strategy that will reduce your electrical costs is installing new LED bulbs throughout your building. LED bulbs are significantly more efficient than their fluorescent counterparts.

In fact, an LED bulb requires only 2-17 watts of electricity. This is a mere 1/3rd to 1/30th of the electricity needed to power other types of light bulbs. A commercial electrician can help you replace all of the light bulbs in your facility with LED bulbs so that you can enjoy the savings offered by these energy-efficient light sources.

3. Install Solar Panels

Eliminating your reliance on electrical energy can be a very effective way to reduce overhead spending. Commercial electricians have the ability to work with businesses of all sizes to install solar panels that can meet power needs.

A solar panel can convert sunlight into usable energy, with excess energy being stored in batteries for future use. Converting your facility to solar power offers a number of financial benefits.

You will not only reduce electrical costs, you will be able to enjoy tax breaks and government rebates for going solar as well. When you combine the total savings solar energy can offer, the cost of installing solar panels on your building is minimal.

Your building's electrical system needs constant monitoring and maintenance in order to perform efficiently. If you want to reduce electrical spending in the months to come, you need to partner with an experienced commercial electrician to employ some money-saving electrical strategies that will benefit your company's bottom line.