Improving Electrical Safety

Three Reasons A Homeowner Should Always Use A Licensed Electrician For Work In Their House

If you have electrical work that is needed in your home, you should call an electrician to do the job. It's not just because electricity can kill — it is also because so many jobs around the house involving electricity are often deceptively easy. The following are a few reasons to call a licensed electrician.

They understand safety procedures for electric work

This is something that is the cause of many homeowners suffering serious shocks. Some of these shocks can lead to death. Not only does an electrician understand all the safety protocols involving electricity in general, but they also understand the procedures for the specific work that is being done. It is not enough to remember to turn the power off. You need to make sure the power stays off and know the checklist before turning the power back on.

They do quality work

Whether it is the installation or repair of your house's electrical appliances or the jobs involving the wiring itself, the finished job will be done to a high standard. In addition, it will pass any necessary inspection for building codes that apply to your house. If you attempt to do the work, you may be proud of yourself when it is completed. But because you're not used to doing this work on a regular basis, even with the proper knowledge and the proper tools, you are likely to produce subpar work. This may lead to power problems in your home and long-term safety problems that can lead to house fires.

Your homeowners policy may require it

If you think you're saving money, then wait until there is a fire that traces back to electrical work that you did on your house. You may figure that you won't mention this in your insurance claim, but a claims adjuster will want to see the fire inspector's report, and this will lead to questions about the repair work, installation of an appliance, or other electrical work. Insurance companies do not like paying out on claims, so if you did not use a licensed electrician for the work, you will likely be paying the bill for the restoration of your house.

Electrical work for a homeowner, especially a do-it-yourself homeowner, is not a challenge. If you have read up on the subject in a book or watched a video, you should ignore the temptation. It is serious and dangerous work. This is true even for jobs that seem simple and safe. And you're not going to save money. The danger of a low-quality job may not become apparent for a long time, and when it does, the price tag will usually be high. A licensed electrician will do a safe and high-quality job. Although the chances are low that there will be property damage from the electrical work, if this happens, you will be protected by your homeowners insurance policy. 

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